Pre-Evaluation Rankings: Defensive Linemen

Every year, SCVarsity.com begins narrowing down our list of
athletes to a workable number that we can mold into a Top 100 Players list for the state.
And each year, one position seems to have more depth than others, but the there is always

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a lot of talent to go around and there are always players that could be listed on this
list if there were more slots available. Here's a look at our Pre-Evaluation
Period-Defensive Linemen.
This position was a lot more difficult than I anticipated. I even made a few calls to
friends who are either coaching in the college ranks, or formerly coached in the college
ranks about these kids and my thoughts on them. The shocking thing is that, at this point
- and remember, this is pre-evaluation, I don't see more than seven defensive linemen in
the state that are going to make it inside the Top Twenty-five. I've seperated them by
ends and tackles.
These players are here because of something we've seen during their junior year. By the
time that we gain more information based on in-person and film evaluations, these will
more than likely change and there will usually be more [players in the rankings from one
position than the other.
As we begin the adventurous journey of evaluating players from our great state, these
are the players that we feel are the elite at their position.
Pre-Evaluation Period Top Defensive Linemen
1. Carlos
Dunlap,  Fort Dorchester High School - Carlos (6-6,250) is going to be
the top ranked defensive lineman in the state. He definitely is a 7 technique player at
the next level. Will definitely be a Top Five (overall) for SCVarsity.com
2. Cliff
Matthews, Cheraw High School - Easily, the 2nd Best defensive lineman in the
state. He's 6-5,235 and still has some growing to do. He's a 7 technique player at the
next level. Should easily be in the SCVarsity.com Top Ten.
3. Vernard
Parnell, Marlboro County High School - Right now, this 6-2, 230 pounder is
listed third at the end position because he could be a 7 technique. Will be a Top
Twenty-Five player in the state.
1. Jarvis
Jenkins, Daniel High School - 6-4, 290lbs. Very athletic for a big man. He's
a 5 tech and a definite monster. He will more than likely be inside the Top Ten for
SCVarsity.com. He's committed to Clemson and they got a very good one here.
2. Devon
Thompson, Union High School - 6-2, 275. Very strong; definitely will play
down at the next level. Top Twenty-Five player for SCVarsity.com
3. John
Tillman, Marlboro County High School - 6-2, 250lbs. Another strong, athletic
player from Dean Boyd's MCHS Bulldogs. Plays some end for the Dawgs, but is a 3 technique
at the next level.
4. Greyson Gentry, Gaffney High School - At 5-11, 245, size is a
question here, but is extremely aggressive and pushes offensive linemen around. We've got
good film of him doing it against a solid Green Wave line at the championship game. Will
definitely play down. Should be an SCVarsity.com Top Twenty-Five player.
*at the request of some emails, here is some "technique" info...without going into too much detail, the "technique" is in reference to where the DL lines up...7 means will line up inside eye of the TE...9 is outside; 5 will be just outside of the OT and a 3 is basically a true DT that will line up outside of the guard. Hope this helps a little.