Palmetto State WR Gets Offer 25

When the University of Iowa offered a football scholarship to North Augusta WR/FS C.J. Byrd on Wednesday, it became yet another opportunity for Byrd to play again with one of his former high school teammates.
The player who is nicknamed "Big Byrd" is one of the nation's top prospects and has 25 offers on the table. Four of the schools have former North Augusta players on the roster: Richie Williams (Iowa), Reggie Merriweather (Clemson), Brandon Thomas (Ole Miss), Andre Young (Illinois).
"Yeah, I know a little bit about Iowa already from talking with Richie when he comes back to North Augusta," Byrd said. "He loves it out there. He going far away from home has been a great learning experience. And being at Iowa the past two years for arguably the greatest two-year period in Iowa history made the distance easier on him, I'm sure."

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Would Byrd like to play in college with one of his former high school teammates?
"A few years ago, we all used to dream about playing together on the same college team, probably at South Carolina or Clemson," Byrd said with a laugh.
"Heck, at one time or another last year, South Carolina and Clemson were looking at three of our guys. That would have been interesting if that would've worked out, but they all ended up going out of state."
"Yes, I would be great if I ended up playing in college with one of my former high school teammates. However, I don't think that will factor into my decision at all.
"I have to do what is best for my family and I, just like the other guys had to do what is best for them. If it works out that we play together, then that would be great, If it doesn't and I end up playing against them, then it will give us something to tease each other about during the summer when we're all working out together in North Augusta."
University of Florida defensive coordinator Charlie Strong visited with Byrd at North Augusta on Wednesday afternoon. Strong said he would return to watch Byrd during spring practice, which will be held from May 10-24.