After two days on the road in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I was privy to something I had not seen before in high school basketball: a player experiencing true fame. This goes further than stardom, this goes further than being viral. You see, Mikey Williams is truly a famous person and I was able to see this firsthand at the Big Shots event in Myrtle Beach this past weekend.

The new age media showed up as far as the eye can see. With their cameras in hand we, as a collective unit, stood on the baseline, sideline, in the stands; there were even cameramen filming warmups and in the locker room. It was truly as if a rock star had entered the building and everyone wanted to catch a glimpse. And this does not even begin to talk about the kids and the fans. Kids wanted their pictures, girls wanted hugs, people lined up outside the locker room, they even lined up outside around his car.

Only a sophomore in high school, Mikey’s fame goes far past what he does on the basketball floor. He is a social media influencer, someone who brings clicks and moves product. Think if The Kardashians met Zion Williamson and threw in a dash of Drake. It is a collision of pop culture and basketball culture; unlike anything we have seen before. But what really made the buzz, what really had Myrtle Beach, South Carolina poppin’ was the fans and how they all responded to Mikey Williams.

Now, let’s take a look at some storylines and top performers from the event.