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Busy Spring Break for blue chip defensive end

Cheraw (SC) defensive end
Matthews played a large role in leading the Braves to the Class AA
Championship game this year. His play on both sides of the ball was instrumental in the
wins on the way to Williams-Brice Stadium.
Recruiting has been outstanding for Matthews since December, with more than ten offers
from Major DI programs on the table, and things have not slowed down for him during Spring
"There's a lot to look at there," said Matthews. "I really liked all of
the schools that have offered and I've seen."
Playing close to home is not an issue with Matthews.
"I don't have to play close to home," he said. "That's really not even a
Matthews, who is competing in track and field in the shot put event, has been busy
since Spring Break began.
"I went to the Spring Game in Columbia this past weekend and had a good
time," he said. "I'm on the way home from Clemson right now and this was a good
visit. I got to talk to Coach Bowden about their program and all."
This coming weekend, Matthews is heading to Virginia Tech to take in an unofficial
visit. With all of the attention and offers that Matthews is getting, one would think he
would get overwhelmed with pressure, but despite the multiple offers from top programs,
the junior star is not hesitant in saying who his leader is.
"South Carolina is the leader," said Matthews, "with Georgia, Clemson,
Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina and North Carolina State in the mix. But I just like it
in Columbia. I like the coaches, I like what they're doing with the program. And I think
it would be cool to play in that stadium."
At 6-5,225, Matthews is a prototypical defensive end/tight end type of athlete. He's
got amazing instincts on the pass rush and has demonstrated that this season with batted
down balls. He's also athletic enough to turn some of those into interceptions.
Offensively, he's a big target and gives the quarterback a nice safety valve as a receiver
and is equally solid as a blocker.
SCVarsity.com will continue to follow the progress and recruiting of this outstanding
defensive star.
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