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Big Ten Power Offers Washington

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St. Stephen (SC) Timberland High School has seen great success in the past few seasons
and part of the reason is the depth of athletes in their program. One of their junior
talents, offensive lineman
href="http://scvarsity.rivals.com/viewprospect.asp?pr_key=66431">Quinton Washington,
has captured the attention of several college recruiters and turned their interest into
scholarship offers, including a new one this week from a Big Ten power.
The Michigan Wolverines are the latest to offer the 6-4, 315lbs offensive
The University of South Carolina was the first to offer the 6-4, 315lbs tackle and did
it after seeing him in the AAA state title game during his sophomore season.
Other offers include Tennessee, Clemson, NC State, Maryland, and Alabama, have come on board to extend offers to Washington.
According to his coaches, Nebraska and Oklahoma are both very interested in
Washington, also, and may be close to offering.
Washington was one of the top players on hand at SCVarsity.com's All-State Football
Combine last Spring, where he finished in the top two for bench press reps at 26 (185lbs).
He also finished 5th overall in the unlimited category at the State Strength Championships
last season as a sophomore. He bench pressed 330lbs, squatted 550lbs, and jumped a 27 inch
vertical jump - very impressive for a big man. He also ran a 5.6 40 yard dash.
According to Washington, he has no favorites right now.
"I like all of the schools who offered me," said Washington. "I'm going
to just see who else comes in and try to make a decision that is best for me as far as
where I'll fit in."
SCVarsity.com will keep you updated on this outstanding player's