2008 Defensive Stalwart talks about his favorites

Fort Dorchester (SC) linebacker Robert Quinn is one of the state's top rated junior
football players and is sure to get a solid rating in the Class of 2008 Rivals.com
ratings. With several offers on the table already, this all-state linebacker talks about

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his thoughts on his favorites and his plans.
To say thatRobert
Quinn was disappointed in the finish of his football team this year would be
an understatement. "Anything less than going all the way is disappointing to
me," said Quinn.
But he doesn't have much time to fret over the past because right now, the 6-4, 245lbs
linebacker/defensive lineman is consumed with is second sport - wrestling.
"Right now, I'm 6-0 with five pins," said Quinn. "I want to get back to
state again."
Last season, Quinn won the South Carolina state title and placed 3rd during his
freshman year. This season, he's eyeing another title in the heavyweight class. But
Wrestling is not his meal ticket - football is. And with that in mind, Quinn takes his
recruiting serious.
Quinn, who finished the season with 11 sacks and more than 20 tackles for loss, already
has offers from Auiburn, Clemson, North Carolina, Maryland, South Carolina, and Tennessee.
But virtually every other major program in the Southeast is recruiting him, as well.
"I get more mail than I can look at," said Quinn. "I just came in
yesterday and there was a big stack of letters on the table for me."
Quinn, who was rumored to have said that he would follow teammate Carlos Dunlap
whereever he decided to play, said that's not totally true.
"It will affect me a little," said Quinn. "But I don't want to go
somewhere too far away from home. I may follow him, but it has to be kind of close."
Quinn's thoughts on his offers?
"Right now, I'd have to say that Maryland and Auburn lead a little because they
said I can play linebacker. That's really the position I want to play. I like the
atmosphere at Tennessee, and I like USC and Clemson because they are close to home and
that's important, but everyone other than Auburn and Maryland want me to play down on the
line and I really want to play linebacker."
Quinn will not play any sports this Spring, as he said he wants to concentrate on his
grades and getting ready for the academic side of his requirements. "I want to work
on my grades this Spring, so I'm not going to run track or anything," said Quinn.
He plans on taking the SAT this Spring or Summer, but does not have it scheduled yet.
Stay tuned to SCVarsity.com as we follow this outstanding Class of 2008 player through
his recruiting.