QB1 Challenge - The Wide Receivers

I will say it again - the 2014 QB1 Challenge was the most

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event we've had in four years and the wide receivers competition was no
exception to that. There was an absolute battle going on for the
overall championship between a couple of guys and every class had a
battle for the top spot as well.
Spring Valley senior Jordan Foster, Byrnes junior Ray Miller,
Blythewood Sophomore Kenny Benton, North Augusta senior Chaz Mealer,
and Greenwood junior Jamir Watts were all in the mix as they headed
into the final segment of the camp - the Redzone and Endzone throws.
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style="padding: 6px; font-size: 8.5pt; background-color: rgb(228, 231, 235);">OVERALL:
Jordan Foster, Spring Valley HS
SENIOR: Chaz Mealer, North Augusta HS (NC)
JUNIOR: Ray Miller, Byrnes HS
Brendon Robinson, Boiling Springs HS
SOPHOMORE: Kenny Benton, Blythewood HS
FRESHMAN: Dalen Mickle, Blythewood HS
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"This is such a difficult event to win," said Jim Baxter, the founder
of QB1 Performance. "Our scoring system does not allow much wiggle room
for errors so one dropped ball in a field of competition like this
could cost you the win. We do not penalize recievers for errant throws
by the quarterbacks but we do reward them for catching those errant
throws. But a dropped ball can put points against you that can be
difficult to recover from when you have the kind of competition we had
in this group."
In the end, it was Spring Valley senior Jordan Foster who captured the
overall championship.
"Jordan is such a clinician on the field," said Baxter. "He's been the
single most improved player in QB1 Training Days this year and it
really is no surprise that he won."
Foster was able to score valuable points by making several difficult
receptions on errant throws by the quarterback which really separated
him from the pack. But it was only a separation by one point, as junior
class winner Ray Miller missed tying the senior by just one point.
"Ray Miller is a great player," said Baxter. "He's a very physical
player and has a lot of the skills that we look for in the wide
In the junior class, Brendon Robinson, junior running back from Boiling
Springs, tied Miller for that class. Norhtwestern's Kirk Grant finished
third in the class.
The sophomore class was won by Blythewood's Kenny Benton, who sinished
just two point away from the overall winner. He was just one point
ahead of James Islands's Jordan McDaniel, who finished second in the
sophomore class. Cane Bay's Dorian Baker was in the mix headed
into the finals but one dropped ball put him out of contention and he
finished fourth. Dorman's
Alec Revell finsihed third among the sophomore group and was within
five points of the overall.
The freshman class was won by Blythewood's Dalen Mickle, who actually
finished just four points off of the overall champion's score.
"You can see from the point differences," said Baxter, "that the
competition was very close all the way through. There was a point late
in the competition that we had as many as ten or twelve guys who could
have won this comptition."
ALUMNI: (some players came through SCV Passing Camps prior to name
change to QB1)
Mason Rudolph (Northwestern) Oklahoma State
Jacob Park (Stratford), Georgia
Zeke Walker (Brookland-Cayce) Indiana
Tyshun Samuel (Chapman), South Carolina
TJ Foster (Union) Louiville
Sean Smith (Summerville) Middle Tennessee State
Ja'lon Oglesby (Daniel) Clemson
Juaveer Hammond (Strom Thurmond) The Citadel
Oceanez Fluitt (CE Murray) Newberry College
Mike Knox (CA Johnson), Savannah State
Seth Owen, (East Henderson, NC) Pembrook
Dylan Thompson, (Boiling Springs HS) University of South Carolina
David Olson, (Irmo HS) Stanford University/Clemson
Caleb Rowe, (Blue Ridge HS) University of Maryland
Zach Lappin, (Easley HS) Mars Hill
Reese Hannon, (Greer HS) Furman University
W.T. Murden, (Airport HS) Newberry College
Ky Tyler, (Columbia HS) Texas Tech
Hunter Townes, (Christ Church) Furman University
Adrian Kollock, (Spartanburg HS) South Carolina State
Logan Hall, (Laurens HS) Coastal Carolina
Arimis Hillary, (Strom Thurmond HS) Coastal Carolina
Jay Spearman, (Greenwood HS) University of South Carolina
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